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Magic Mesh Screen Door

Magic Mesh Screen Door

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Smart Mesh Hands-free Magnetic Screen Door creates a hands-free screen door that allows fresh air in and annoying bugs out. Instantly opens and magically snaps closed behind you using 18 strategically placed magnets.


  • Fitted with strong 18 magnets that open easily when you walk through and seal automatically once you have passed
  • These screens fit all types of door frames- Fits doors up to 34" x 82", including RV doors, and fold up for easy storage and transportation, meaning you can take them with you when you travel
  • Includes two mesh panels, both approximately 210cm/82.68" X 100cm/39.37" 
  • Pet friendly access
  • Includes stickers and push-pins for installing

Premium Magnetic Insect Screen for Door - KEEP BUGS OUT! - Tough Screen Door Curtain with Magnets that Snap Shut Automatically. Lets Fresh Air In!

    • ✅KEEP YOUR FAMILY SAFE FROM INSECTS - Powerful Magnetic Gap Free Seal Automatically Snaps Shut!
    • ✅LET FRESH, HEALTHY AIR INTO YOUR HOME - No more doors left open, Slamming doors, Letting pets out!
    • ✅INSTANT BUG MESH - Provides all the Benefits of a Traditional Screen Door, at a Fraction of the Cost!
    • ✅INNOVATIVE DESIGN, QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - Magnets INSIDE the seam, highest quality mesh, full Velcro

    See and feel the difference of the high-quality polyester used in our Magnetic Mesh . It is a stronger, more durable mesh which feels soft, machine washable, and keeps more bugs out. Competing mesh products generally use lightweight polyester with seams that are heat sealed rather than sewn.

    • Made from premium mesh
    • Magnets are hidden inside the seam
    • Velcro is sewn into the mesh
    • Installs in minutes
    • No tools required
    • Strong Velcro
    • Optional push pins provided

    Product Features

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    Key Benefits

    Unique Massage Experience

    Feel as if real hands are working to untie every knot and release every bit of tension from your neck, shoulders, and trapezius.

    Masseuse Hand Like Massager

    Our device boasts 6 advanced 4D Deep Kneading Massage Nodes, which penetrate deeply into your muscles, working rhythmically to mimic the skilled hands of a professional.

    Our 4D massage nodes are strategically positioned to target specific acupressure points throughout the neck to provide relief

    Heat Compress

    With infrared heating, our massager provides the necessary warmness to ease muscle tension and stress.

    Gentle heat helps in improving the blood circulation and relieves you of body aches, cramps, tension.

    The intelligent NTC temperature control system provides soothing warmth during the massage, allowing for deeper tissue penetration and enhanced relaxation.

    Hands Free Design

    Our neck massager features an innovative shoulder strap design, freeing up your hands while you enjoy the massage.

    This unique design allows you to multitask or continue working while receiving a revitalizing massage, breaking the limitations of traditional handheld designs.

    Ditch Expensive Spa Appointments

    Visiting physical massage stores will cost $60-$100 per hour, which is costly and time-consuming.

    Our specially designed massage nodes highly mimic the professional massage experience not achievable by others.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does the neck and shoulder massager work?

    This massager utilizes innovative massage nodes that target specific pressure points in your neck and shoulders. The gentle heat feature enhances blood circulation, promoting relaxation and relief from muscle tension.

    How long should I use the massager for each session?

    For optimal results and safety, we recommend using the massager for about 15 to 20 minutes per session. If desired, you can enjoy multiple sessions throughout the day, but always remember to take short breaks between each use.

    Is the massager suitable for individuals with certain medical conditions?

    While our massager is generally safe and beneficial for most individuals, we recommend consulting with a healthcare professional before use if you have specific medical conditions, such as injuries, chronic pain, or certain medical implants.

    Is the massager portable?

    Yes, our neck and shoulder massager is designed to be lightweight and portable. Its compact size allows you to take it with you on trips, to the office, or wherever you need a relaxing break.

    What is the warranty period for the massager?

    We stand behind the quality of our product. The warranty period is one year from the purchase date, and we offer dedicated customer support to address any concerns you may have.

    • 30 Day Guarantee

    • Customer Satisfaction

    • Returns Accepted